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[Aug 04, 2011] $400,000 to help 20 charities
It was a treat for Mr Osman Bin Ameng, 82, who visited the newly opened School of The Arts (SOTA) for the first time on August 4.
[Jul 30, 2011] Make a splash!
97 swimmers from special schools and associations, mainstream schools and local swimming clubs did not let their physical or intellectual disabilities hold them back as they took part in the inaugural SPH Foundation National Para-Swimming Championship 2011.
[Jul 27, 2011] SPH Foundation Gives Out Record Number of Scholarships
This year, the SPH Foundation gave out 10 Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarships to deserving undergraduate students.
[Jul 14, 2011] Express Yourself by Taking Part in N.E.mation 6
N.E.mation! is a competition for youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation.
[Apr 20, 2011] Funding arts and charity
Launched in April 2011, the objective of the SPH Foundation Arts Fund is to give the underprivileged the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the arts
[2011] SUN Club 2011
The Special Projects to Understand Nature' (SUN) Club programme has come a long way since it was first launched 2006.

[Sep 24, 2010] SUN Club Celebrates 5th Anniversary
The 'Special Projects to Understand Nature' (SUN) Club programme, which is sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Foundation and initiated by the National Parks Board (NParks), celebrated its 5th anniversary at the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve on Sept 24.
[Jul 14, 2010] SPH Foundation's Media in Transition Lecture Series: "The Greatest Change in the History of Media"
More than 600 people attended the third lecture of the Singapore Press Holdings Foundation's Media in Transition Lecture Series at the Drama Centre on 14 July.

SUN Club Activities for 2009
SUN Club organises about 60 trips for 1,200 children every year to six different parks.
[Dec 14-18, 2009] ă€Šç¬¬åå±ŠåŽæ–‡åª’ä½“åŸ¹è®­ç­ă€‹10th Chinese Language Media Workshop
Since its inception in 2000, the Chinese Language Media Workshop has trained more than 280 junior college students.
[Nov 23-25, 2009] 《VOX!æ–°åª’ä½“æ–°é—»å·¥ä½œåŠă€‹Vox! New Media Workshop
60 students attended the Vox! New Media Workshop, which is designed to expose secondary school students to multimedia journalism.
[Oct 30, 2009] SPH Foundation Pledged $250,000 to Community Chest
20 charitable programmes under the auspices of Community Chest received a $500,000 boost from SPH Foundation and media giant, SPH.
[Aug 20-30, 2009] Crab Flower Club Gets Support from SPH Foundation
SPH Foundation is the main sponsor for The Toy Factory's Crab Flower Club.
[Jun 25, 2009] 《2009 å¹´åäººæ¼”è¯´ç³»åˆ—ă€‹Eminent Speakers Series 2009
Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of The World Bank, Professor Justin Lin Yifu, spoke at the Eminent Speakers Series, which was supported by the SPH Foundation.
[Mar 14, 2009] SPH Foundation Singapore Universities Business Quiz unveils its inaugural winner
Singapore Management University has emerged as the winner of the inaugural SPH Foundation Singapore Universities Business Quiz.

[Sep 23, 2008] Lecture Series On Media In Transition: Social & Economic Impact
In the 21st century, media is being redefined by the users in an increasing pace and the opportunities lie in how we co-design with them, rather than design for them. Professor John Seely Brown speaks on the topic "Redefining Media in the 21st Century".
[Sep 03, 2008] Singapore International Storytelling Festival
Two renowned storytellers impart techniques to educators, librarians, parents or caregivers to reach out to children with special needs.
[Jun 28, 2008] B-Boyz & Ballerina danced for charity
More than 300 children and youths were dazzled by the 19 dancers of B-Boyz & Ballerina as they executed their spectacular dance moves to the tune of infectious hip hop music at the Esplanade Theatre.
[May 12, 2008] SUN Club Goes to Chek Jawa
Since its inception in 2006, SUN Club has benefited close to 1,600 children with special needs as they visited nature areas and parks such as Pasir Ris Park and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. The Chek Jawa Wetlands at Pulau Ubin was added to the list for the first time this year, along with East Coast Park and Fort Canning Park.
[Mar 16, 2008] Story Challenge 2008
For the second year, SPH Foundation is the Presenting Sponsor of Story Challenge, a unique story-telling competition that tests the imagination and thinking skills of students in primary and secondary schools. Only those with a flair for story-telling will be able to outshine the rest.