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[Jun 30, 2007] JUMP Treat
SPH Foundation treats 300 children and youths to a world-class performance at the Esplanade.
[May 28, 2007] Multiliteracies: Connecting with the Language Classroom
The SPH Foundation is the proud sponsor of a special conference organised by ELLTA(S) for language and humanities teachers titled "Multiliteracies: Connecting with the Language Classroom".
[Jan 05, 2007] Lecture Series on Media in Transition: Social & Economic Impact
For the inaugural lecture, Professor Henry Jenkins from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave a talk titled "From YouTube to YouNiversity: Learning and Playing in the Era of Social Networks".

[Dec 26, 2006] Celebrating Inuka's 16th Birthday
Representatives from SPH Foundation, as well as SPH Wildlife Buddies, SPH Conservation Ambassadors and the winners of the SPH Foundation Polar Bear conservation contest gathered together to celebrate Inuka's birthday on Boxing Day.
[Nov 22, 2006] SPH Foundation sets up Reading Corners at Polytechnics
The Reading Corner project is the SPH Foundation's latest bid to promote lifelong learning and efforts to improve proficiency in English and the mother tongue, through newspaper reading.
[Nov 15, 2006] Hungry No More
Over 80 children no longer go to bed hungry under the Young Women's Christian Association's (YWCA) new Meals-on-Wheels Programme for children.
[Oct 31, 2006] Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship
Four outstanding students have been awarded the inaugural Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship awards.
[Oct 03, 2006] The SUN Club programme
SPH Foundation brings tailor-made nature appreciation projects to students with special needs.
[Jun 05, 2006] SPH Foundation Solar Innovations 2006
Students put their creativity to work by inventing innovative devices and equipment to build a more environmentally-friendly Singapore.
[May 20, 2006] SPH Foundation National Junior Swimming Championship
The Foundation is a developer sponsor of the Junior Athlete Development Programme (JADP) in Swimming, and the first developer sponsor of disability sports in Singapore.
[Mar 25 & 26, 2006] SPH Foundation Schools Relay Championships
Find out which schools re-wrote and broke new records at the annual Schools Relay Championships.

[Jun 18 & 25, 2005] Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – Nature Appreciation Art Workshop
Students from six secondary schools learnt about nature appreciation and shared their views through the art pieces they created.
[Mar 16, 2005] "Making News: Teach All About It! Newspapers for an Integrated Curriculum"
The 2nd PFS Teachers Conference was a great success although it had to turn away 200 registrants due to overwhelming response.

[Mar 15-17 & 18-20, 2004] Fun with Newspapers Adventure Camp
The daily newspaper is a wonderful source for all types of information. Newspapers help students make connections with the real world and with the communities in which they live.

[Nov 17, 2003] Teachers Conference on the Use of Newspapers in Teaching and Learning
For all educators who are serious about INCREASING LINKS between the CLASSROOM and the REAL WORLD through newspapers.