The Singapore Press Holdings Foundation Limited is a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character. It was incorporated as the Press Foundation of Singapore on January 29, 2003 and renamed Singapore Press Holdings Foundation on May 3, 2005.

The first contribution of S$20 million to the Foundation, came from media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.


Our Mission

To help build a community that embraces language enrichment, creativity, diversity, healthy living and sports.


Our Objectives

To promote life-long learning in Singapore, particularly efforts to improve proficiency in English and the mother tongue.

Arts and Culture
To help create a conducive and vibrant environment for creative and literary expression.

To promote community participation in healthy sports and exercise.

To support efforts to protect the environment and all wildlife and conservation.

Community Service
To help foster community spirit.

To help provide financial assistance to the poor, needy, disabled and the aged.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors
: Dr Lee Boon Yang
Mr Ng Yat Chung
Mr Yatiman Yusof
Dr S Vasoo
Mr Ang Wee Hiong

General Manager : Ms Ginney Lim

Deputy General Manager : Ms Chin Soo Fang

Company Secretary : Ms Khor Siew Kim
Ms Chay Ai Lin


Non-Financial Information

Charity Status
Charity Registration No : 01682
Charity Registration Date : 15 April 2003
Constitution : Company limited by guarantee
Date of Establishment : 29 January 2003
ROS/RCB Regn No : 200300910M
IPC Status    
Effective Date : 1 November 2003
Auditor : KPMG LLP
Governance Evaluation Checklist : Click here to download pdf


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