SPH Foundation Limited's grant-making philosophy revolves around its mission to help build a community that embraces language enrichment, creativity, diversity, healthy living and sports.

The Foundation focuses its support on the five areas as follows:

Learning About the World Around Us

A love for reading and learning is essential to prepare students for tomorrow’s world. We support language and literacy programmes that contribute to individual knowledge, enlightenment and enjoyment.

Building a Vibrant Community Through the Arts

The Arts plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of life and boosting economic vitality. We support programmes that nurture young talents and provide a platform to showcase their creativity and expression

Loving and Protecting the Environment

Conserving Singapore's green heritage is a core objective of the Foundation. We promote the importance of protecting our environment's biodiversity, including wildlife, flora and fauna, and nature reserves.

Developing a Healthy Body, a Healthy Mind

The Foundation believes healthy living is key to an enriching lifestyle. We encourage community participation in sports, to achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Supporting the Community and the Underprivileged

Fundraising is never easy. The Foundation understands and extends financial support to non-profit organisations and charities, especially those serving underprivileged children and youth. The Foundation also supports community initiatives that foster cohesion and participation, especially those led by the young, as we have a role in strengthening community ties in multicultural Singapore.

As a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character (IPC), the Foundation will not support:

• Individuals

• Projects that are confined to sectional interests of a group of persons (eg. race, political groups etc) or serve an exclusively religious purpose

• Overseas projects which do not benefit the Singapore community

• Social and / or commercial events with no community benefit

• Projects which are not in line with the Foundation's objectives


Qualified organizations seeking grants are encouraged to submit a proposal in a concise letter form, not exceeding two pages in length.  The following items should be addressed:

• Description and mission of the organization

• Description of the specific programme / project for which funding is requested, including target audience, expected reach, timeline, publicity plan and fundraising mechanisms, where appropriate. Â If the programme / project has been implemented before, please provide information on audience turnout and outcomes of the previous event(s).

• Statement of key programme / project goals that will be attained and evaluated (Objectives should be “SMART” – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Results-oriented, Time-bound).

• Projected Income and Expenditure of programme / project, including list of projected and committed alternative funding sources (eg. sponsorships and ticket sales etc) and dollar amounts for the programme / project.

• Total amount requested from the SPH Foundation and indicate what this amount will be used for.


Proposals must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the project. The proposals should be emailed to or mailed to:

SPH Foundation Limited
1000 Toa Payoh North
Singapore 318994


We will evaluate only requests that are within the guidelines given in this policy document. If a request meets our criteria and funding is available, the requesting organisation may be asked to provide more information before a decision is made. The review process will generally take up to 8 weeks to complete. We will notify the requesting organisation of our decision in writing. We discourage telephone or email enquiries about the status of applications.

As the SPH Foundation does not solicit for public funds, but relies solely on the returns generated from investments to support its philanthropic activities, we have to decline many worthy proposals for the simple, but important, reason that our funds are limited and have already been committed to other causes. Such a response does not reflect in any way a negative appraisal of the requesting organisation or the value of its services or programmes.